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Dangers of Marijuana Dangers of Marijuana

Rated 3 / 5 stars

the song was ok but check your facts

on one in the world has ever overdosed on thc from smoking marijuana. the amount you would have to smoke is so huge that your lungs would stop functioning because of the smoke not the thc. and what would kill you is the co2 build up not the marijuana. song was cool... but try to have a clue before you say things like that... ;) save yourself some credibility and keep from looking like a retarded tool.
(also btw the way the producers know the thc level is that every plant produces leaves with very close thc content to every other plant. the variations come from different strains and the producers know the differences. and 20% thc content is not possible to obtain form marijuana.)

EricFreeman responds:

Oh dear God you're stupid. I know you can't overdose on marijuana. The sound clip was a joke. You're an idiot for being THE ONLY person to not get that. Maybe you should try to have a clue before posting reviews like this and "looking like a retarded tool".

ComeDown MoodSwings ComeDown MoodSwings

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

nice work

i liked it, only things i didn't like were the parts where you drowned out the music with "dang shits going down bitches on the way" and other stupid shit :P other then that i would have given you straight 10 :D

RayHo responds:

haha thank you. i just thought it would be kinda funny to put samples from me and my friends road trips.